353 Pesky Palindromes


Problem Link

#Source Code

#define pb push_back
#define sf(x) scanf(“%d”,&x)
#define MN 1234567
#define max 10000
#define all(water) (water.begin(),water.end());
#define fr(i,a,b) for(i=a;i<b;i++)
using namespace std;
#define cln(a) memset(a,0,sizeof(a))
#define ll long long

bool ispalin(const string &s)
string rev(s);
reverse(rev.begin(), rev.end());
return s == rev?1:0;
int main()
string str;
ll co=0,i,j,l=str.size();
for(size_t i=0;i<l;i++)
for(size_t j=i;j<l;j++)
string sub=str.substr(i,j-i+1);
if(!mem.count(sub) &&ispalin(sub))

cout << “The string ‘”
<< str
<< “‘ contains ”
<< co
<< ” palindromes.”
<< endl;
return 0;


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