371C Hamburgers

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In this problem, it’s very simple problem real life problem

Here,you need to make max number of hamburgers

How to do it :

  Here , first you need to count how many bread ,sausage and cheese will be used to make One Hamburgers and question is how many?

               There is an efficient approach , use binary search to find the amounts 😛

and the cost will be in your budget ,it is a greedy problem 😉


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using namespace std;
int co=0;


int main()
long long nc,nb,ns,ps,pb,pc,p;

string s;long long mn=0;
for(int i=0;i<s.size();i++) ++mp[s[i]]; cin>>nb>>ns>>nc;
long long mx=1e15;
long long cost;
while(mn+1<mx) { long long md=(mx+mn)>>1;
long long cb=pb*((mp[‘B’]*md>nb)?mp[‘B’]*md-nb:0);

long long cs=ps*((mp[‘S’]*md>ns)?mp[‘S’]*md-ns:0);
long long cc=pc*((mp[‘C’]*md>nc)?mp[‘C’]*md-nc:0);

if(cost<=p) mn=md;
else mx=md;





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