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784 – Maze Exploration

Problem Link #Solution #include #include using namespace std; char in[100][100]; void dfs(int a,int b) { if(in[a][b]==’X’ || in[a][b]==’#’) return ; in[a][b]=’#’; dfs(a+1,b); dfs(a-1,b); dfs(a,b+1); dfs(a,b-1); } int main() { int t,n,i,j; scanf(“%d “,&t); while(t–) { n=0; while(gets(in[n])) { if(in[n][0]==’_’) break; … Continue reading

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Useful Contents /Get Introduced to Various Parts of PRogramming

Actually ,it is too little! I am trying to expand these topics:-)  It’ll be enriched 🙂 Setup Graphics.h Algo >English Google Stackoverflow Topcoder :Data Sciences Youtube E-maxx Codechef Codeforces Algo list Geeksforgeeks MO’s Algorithm HackerEarth DS Personal Blog http://www.personal.kent.edu/~rmuhamma/Algorithms/algorithm.html https://comeoncodeon.wordpress.com/Continue reading

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